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Get ready for AI-generated shorts on YouTube

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YouTube has recently introduced two exciting updates for content creators. The first one is YouTube Create, a cutting-edge video editing app that aims to enhance the editing experience for users. This app will provide creators with powerful tools and features to edit their videos seamlessly.

Liquid Death and the Power of Shockvertising

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In a recent campaign, the brand took an edgy turn by inserting strands of Steve-O’s hair into 300 voodoo dolls, with the belief that this would make him experience every pin prick, punch, and burn inflicted on these figures.

Not Perfcet

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In a recent video partnership, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be just winging it. Low-angled camera, a bad mic, and someone steaming milk in the background—perfect conditions for a brand partnership video.

TikTok’s Search Ads are Here!

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TikTok’s latest ad placement feature is not just another addition; it represents a significant milestone for the platform, which has witnessed a substantial surge in usage among its younger audience.

Snoop Dogg x LinkedIn: A Mic-Dropping Connection!

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Snoop Dogg’s LinkedIn debut proves that this platform isn’t just for suits and ties. It’s a place where all kinds of folks, even rap legends, can share their thoughts and shape conversations.

Is TikTok Taking on Amazon?

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Meet Fullfilled by TikTok (FBT), a new logistics solution in the UK for TikTok Shop. It handles storing, selecting, packing, and shipping products to the TikTok community.