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Get ready for AI-generated shorts on YouTube

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Introducing YouTube Create and Dream Screen: Enhancing the Editing Experience for Content Creators

YouTube has recently introduced two exciting updates for content creators. The first one is YouTube Create, a cutting-edge video editing app that aims to enhance the editing experience for users. This app will provide creators with powerful tools and features to edit their videos seamlessly.

YouTube Create includes a range of editing options, including:

  • Audio clean-up – Remove background noises
  • Auto captions – Available in English, Hindi, and Spanish
  • Filters, effects and transitions – Simplified video editing tools, all presented on a single screen
  • Access to royalty free songs and sound effects
  • Direct publishing to YouTube – Including both Shorts and long form content

Additionally, YouTube has unveiled Dream Screen, an innovative feature that allows users to generate AI-generated video or image backgrounds effortlessly. All users need to do is simply type in what they want to see, and Dream Screen will generate a visually stunning background accordingly.

Watch the Intro Video

Facebook Unveils Updated Design

Time to change all the Facebook assets again. Dust off those Facebook icons on your website and good luck if you have them printed on your product packaging or brochures. Facebook has an updated design that is not too different from its previous design.

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The Easiest way to get all your guests on the same page

Not all social media channels are for scale and reaching new people. Some are for a closer group and serve a purpose. Partiful streamlines the process of planning and communicating with guests. It’s great for when you don’t have everyone’s phone numbers or socials, like when you’re inviting friends-of-friends. You get a single link to share on any platform.

Partiful is also great for:

  • Listed events (where you want to approve each guest)
  • Parties when you need to ask questions of guests (e.g. dietary restrictions)
  • When you need to collect money via Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal

Check out Partiful


Facebook / Instagram:

  • You Can Now Have Multiple Personal Profiles on Facebook [Facebook]
  • Instagram Tests Out Location Tags in Notes [SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY]
  • Expanding Meta Verified to Businesses. This will include business authentication with a verified badge, impersonation protection, access to account support, and features to help your business stand out. [Facebook]


  • WhatsApp has recently introduced animated avatars, a feature that was already available on Telegram. Not to be cynical, but it seems that we can now anticipate WhatsApp’s product roadmap by observing the features that Telegram has already released. [Xeet / Tweet]
  • Whatsapp Channels are going global. Expect it to hit your market soon. [Whatsapp]


  • Google has made it clear that it expects advertisers to include their logo and brand name on the landing pages of their ads, effective from September 25, 2023. Yes this will affect your Adrank. [Google]


  • Which Mr Beast thumbnail works best: mouth open or closed? With the new YouTube tool, you won’t need third-party tools to A/B test your YouTube thumbnails. [Xeet / Tweet]


  • LinkedIn Adds A Brand Partnership Search to Discover Posts Created by Creators on Behalf of Brands [Lindsey Gamble]


  • Don’t drop SEO from your marketing strategy just yet. TikTok is testing Google results in its search pages [The Verge]
  • New labels for disclosing AI-generated content [TikTok]
  • TikTok introduces Attribution Analytics: TikTok’s first-party measurement solution that enables web advertisers to go beyond the last-click model and truly understand the customer journey on TikTok. [TikTok]
  • These are the products you are not allowed to sell through TikTok Shop [TikTok]
  • TikTok Shop launches in US [Marketing Dive]


  • Snap has partnered with Microsoft Advertising to power Sponsored Links within My AI [Snap]
  • Maybe don’t dismiss Snap just yet. Snapchat now has over 5M paying users for Snapchat+ [Techcrunch]
  • How to become a verified Snap Star? Simple fill up the form and cross your fingers. [Snap Support]


  • Amazon’s Prime Video to include ads from 2024 unless you pay more [SkyNews]

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