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Infleucner Marketing

Perfectly Imperfect Or Just A Bad Take?
We can spend all day picking apart a perfect video to make it better, or just wing it and go with the first take. Which do you think will get more engagement?

In a recent video partnership, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to be just winging it. Low-angled camera, a bad mic, and someone steaming milk in the background—perfect conditions for a brand partnership video.

While the ad may have appeared like a disaster, it actually contains a core ingredient that got people talking about it and sharing it, authenticity. Most people skip ads because they feel like ads. In this video, we have Gwyneth talking to us from her kitchen. What could be more natural than that?

Watch the ad here

So What?
Stop trying to be perfect. The occasional mistake in your work makes you seem more human, more relatable. This has been a tried-and-true formula for a while and is the reason UGC ads are on the rise with brands.

P.S. All typos in this article have been intentional unless stated otherwise.

WeAre8 will pay you to watch ads in the name of saving the planet According to its founder, WeAre8 is described as “a fusion of Instagram and TikTok, blended with the essence of Change.org and GoFundMe.”

WeAre8 is not just your typical social media platform; it’s designed to be sustainable in multiple dimensions. This app is dedicated to empowering creators who are committed to making the world a better place by promoting feel-good content. What sets it apart is its innovative business model: WeAre8 compensates users for watching ads, contributes to charitable causes, and consistently invests in climate solutions every month.

Check it out here 


Instagram Updates:

  • Instagram looks like it’s working on a longer version of Instagram Reels, allowing users to record up to 10 minutes of videos. [THE VERGE]
  • Instagram’s latest test lets creators highlight comments in their stories. [TECHCRUNCH]
  • Such a Virgo move. Instagram is working on the ability to check astrological compatibility, thanks to the new sticker they’re developing. [LEAK]
  • Meta finally allows you to turn Stories into Ads via Marketing API. [META]


  • Finally! Almost there! Search comes to Threads but has a limited release. [FROM THE CEO]
  • Threads’ web launch did little to bring in more users, new data suggests. [TECHCRUNCH]
  • Instagram shows Threads content on the home tab now. [TWEET]

X / Twitter Updates:

  • X working on branded features that can be sold to advertisers. [TWEET]

YouTube Updates:

  • Hard to avoid. Smaller skip buttons are coming to YouTube. [THEY LOOK LIKE THIS]
  • YouTube is now the number one platform for teens, with almost eight in 10 using it to stream video content. [SEARCH ENGINE LAND]

Google Updates:

  • Google Search can now index CSV files. [SEARCH ENGINE LAND]
  • Google’s expandable carousel search snippet feature informs searchers which other webpages mention a website. [SEARCH ENGINE LAND]
    • User feedback: Our users are able to provide feedback on every ad they are served on our platform, based on whether they had a positive or negative experience with that ad.
    • Advertising history: It’s important that advertisers have a record of adhering to our advertising policies.
    • Advertiser Identity Verification: Completing our Advertiser Identity Verification process is an important step in building trust between users and advertisers. [GOOGLE]


Brand Watch

Coke transforms QR codes into art to drive OOH engagement

Coca-Cola’s recent campaign for its Coke Studio music platform seeks to enhance out-of-home engagement through aesthetically appealing and interactive QR codes, departing from the traditional black-and-white grids. This innovative approach was inspired by creative technologist and artist Troy Ni, who shared artistic QR codes on Reddit back in June, inspiring other artists and creators to explore unique QR code designs. 

Ni harnessed the power of Stable Diffusion and ControlNet technology, which utilizes AI, showcasing another example of how cutting-edge technology is influencing both art and advertising.

For those not familiar with the topic, Coke Studio was initially launched in Pakistan in 2008 before the concept went global.

Check out all 5 QR codes here