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Is TikTok Taking on Amazon?

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Every week, I bring you a summary of the need-to-know news in the world of digital marketing. No fluff, just the good stuff.

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TikTok / e-commerce
Logistics Made Easy: “Fullfilled By TikTok” Enhances TikTok Shop for UK Merchants
Meet Fullfilled by TikTok (FBT), a new logistics solution in the UK for TikTok Shop. It handles storing, selecting, packing, and shipping products to the TikTok community. No more logistics hassle! FBT offers simplicity, speed, and affordability, freeing you up to focus on marketing, content, and product enhancement.

So What?
For ecommerce business owners, these features collectively streamline their operations, leading to reduced delivery times and potentially higher customer retention rates. With TikTok’s logistics solution taking care of the backend processes, business owners can focus more on product innovation, marketing strategies, and overall business growth.


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Instagram Updates:

  • Instagram’s new feature protects users from unwanted images and videos in DMs. This is improtant for those using DMs as a sales tool. [TECHCRUNCH]
  • You can now add music to your carousel posts, and add up to three friends as collaborators [TWEET]
  • Group mentions are on the horizon! Soon, you’ll have the convenience of grouping multiple accounts under a single handle, simplifying the process of mentioning or tagging them. [LINK]


Threads Has Lost More Than 80% of Its Daily Active Users

  • Threads has lost more than 80% of its daily active users. Does it really matter since it still gets you higher engagement? Check resources below for the competitive analysis with X on engagement. [GIZMODO]
  • New feature udpates for Threads as announced by its CEO [THREAD]
  1. Share threads in Instagram DMs 
  2. See all the threads you’ve liked 
  3. Sort the accounts you follow 
  4. Add custom alt-text 

X / Twitter Updates:

  • X to start showing community posts in the For You [TWEET]
  • Users Can Now Participate in Spaces Streams via Desktop PCs [SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY]
  • Livestreaming might come back soon. Elon is testing it out with his team and seems to be pushing for his fight with Zuckerberg to be streamed on X. [SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY]
  • X Is Adding a New Option to Sort User Posts Based on Engagement [TWEET]

TikTok Updates:

  • TikTok Shop launches new logistics offer ‘Fulfilled by TikTok’ in the UK. This is huge if you are in the ecommerce space [TIKTOK]
  • Sharing this again as link was broken last week. TikTok launches Ads Library allowing you tot see what your competitors are advertising on the platform.[BOOKMARK THIS]
  • Podcast episodes coming to TikTok [BLOG]

YouTube Updates:

  • YouTube unveils 6 new tools for editing Shorts. [YOUTUBE BLOG]
  • A “For You” section will be coming soon to YouTube as announed in their support website. [GOOGLE SUPPORT]
  • YouTube Adds New Report Which Breaks Down Channel Performance by Video Format [YOUTUBE VIDEO]
  • YouTube’s link spam situation is so bad that Shorts is banning links [THE VERGE]


  • The State of the Creator Economy [REPORT]
  • Google’s Guide to Writing Responsive Ads [PDF]
  • Instagram Organic Content Strategy: What Works in 2023 [GUIDE] 
  • A Comparative Analysis: Twitter vs. Threads in Terms of Interactions [ANALYSIS]
  • Meta’s First Responsible Business Practices Report [META]
  • A Social Media Manager’s Guide to ChatGPT (+ 15 Prompts) [BOOKMARK THIS]

Brand Watch

Empowering Narratives: Apple’s “The Greatest” Shines Spotlight on Heroes of Accessibility

In this 2 min short video, Apple adeptly demonstrates more than just the Accessibility features of the iPhone; it skillfully weaves a compelling narrative showcasing the device as a tool for its main heroes.

The ad features an all-disabled cast, authentically portraying their experiences over an ordinary day. Representing disabled individuals, this cast underscores the genuine encounters they face. Apple’s impactful two-minute short film, “The Greatest,” is a powerful watch that’s hard to tear your eyes away from.