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Liquid Death and the Power of Shockvertising

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Clubhouse Gets A Fresh Start with Voice Chats

Clubhouse, the platform we’ve known for its social audio rooms, is undergoing quite the makeover. They’re rebranding themselves as more of a messaging app.

They’ve introduced something called “chats.” Picture it like those group Instagram stories, but with a twist – it’s all about voice! You start a chat by recording a voice message, and your friends can hop in, adding their own voice notes. It’s like creating a lively voice collage or having a fun conversation.

So What?

The social media landscape is always evolving. Clubhouse’s focus on personal, voice-based interactions is a signal that user engagement and tailored content are becoming more important than ever. While they’ll still support live audio rooms, the heart of Clubhouse seems to be leaning towards cozy chats over big broadcasts.

Read about the new changes here

iPhone Users Spend Seven Times More on Apps Than Android Users

Did you know that iPhone users tend to spend seven times more on apps compared to Android users? This is a fascinating statistic that highlights the strong engagement and enthusiasm of iPhone users when it comes to exploring and purchasing apps. This should not be a surprise to anyone that has been keeping a close eye on their website and user analytics. This just reinforces what we know as iPhone users continue to be the big spenders online.

So what?

If the value of an iPhone customer is 7.4 times higher for developers compared to an Android customer, it makes sense to prioritize reaching out to them. Apple recognizes this and has implemented privacy policies that make it challenging for advertisers to target this valuable audience effectively. 

A Safe Space for Women to Meet and Find Support

Here is a social channel that you might have overlooked. Peanut is a social media channel that aims to connect mothers at various stages. Peanut marks itself as a “Safe space for women to meet and find support” Peanut allows mothers to create profiles, connect with other moms in their area, and join group chats based on shared interests or experiences. The platform also provides a forum for discussions on topics such as pregnancy, parenting, and mental health. With features like a swipe-based interface and personalized matching, Peanut offers a convenient and inclusive space for mothers to connect, share advice, and find support in their motherhood journey.

Check out Peanut here


Instagram Updates:

  • Instagram’s latest test let’s creators highlight comments in their stories [TECHCRUNCH]
  • Instagram testing a Close Friends Feed experience [TWITTER]


  • Threads search is finally here but only available in select countries [MASHABLE]


  • Snapchat to dethrone TikTok to become fastest-growing social media platform in 2023 [MARKETING TECH NEWS]

X / Twitter Updates:

  • Twitter tests new option that would allow creators to gather email contacts from subscribers [SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY]
  • X Makes it easier to discover Video Live-Streams [TWEET]
  • Twitter provides a glimpse of what browsing live videos could look like [TWEET]
  • Only verified users will be able to participate in polls on Twitter [INDIA TODAY]

Google Updates:

  • New updates and experiments from Google
    • Wider search bar on Google.com
    • Related products in search within YouTube video snippets
    • Google Explore user interface test
    • Google 3D/AR search result tests
    • Popular products and deals carousel
    • Google Translate in Search overlay


  • Google PageSpeed Insights is updated with new features from Lighthouse 11 [SEARCH ENGINE JOURNAL]
  • Google Site names now work for all languages. So if your site is not in English, check how your Site name appears in Google Search. [SEARCH ENGINE LAND]
  • A Comedy of Errors – Search Console Errors as explained by Google [GOOGLE]


  • Here are some of the highlights of the latest YouTube Creator update. You can watch the whole thing here.
    • New Analytics Button Tab introduced.
    •  New level of YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to launch in 33 more countries soon.


  •  LinkedIn page admins should expect a drop in the number of Page Followers. [TWEET]


  • Similar to YouTube, TikTok now allows users to hum to search for a song. [TWEET]

AI Marketing:

  • eBay rolls out a tool that generates product listings from photos [TECHCRUNCH]

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Brand Watch

🔮 Liquid Death and the Power of Shockvertising

Marketing in today’s landscape often calls for unconventional strategies, and Liquid Death, the canned water brand, is no stranger to pushing boundaries. In a recent campaign, the brand took an edgy turn by inserting strands of Steve-O’s hair into 300 voodoo dolls, with the belief that this would make him experience every pin prick, punch, and burn inflicted on these figures.

While this move might sound bizarre, it aligns with Liquid Death’s commitment to stand out in a crowded market. The brand’s willingness to embrace the unconventional and occasionally flirt with the supernatural or dark themes underscores its focus on entertainment over traditional marketing.

So What?

As marketing managers, there are valuable lessons to be learned here. Liquid Death’s approach reminds us of the importance of daring to be different. While not every strategy needs to involve voodoo dolls, it’s essential to think outside the box to capture attention and generate buzz.

In an age where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages, embracing a playful and edgy approach can help your brand break through the noise. Liquid Death’s unique campaigns serve as a reminder that, sometimes, a touch of the unexpected can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

Watch the video here