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TikTok’s Search Ads are Here!

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While this week is ‘Back to School’ week, here are the top headlines in the field of digital marketing to help you reclaim some of your time and spend it with your family.

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TikTok Launches Search Ads Toggle
TikTok’s latest ad placement feature is not just another addition; it represents a significant milestone for the platform, which has witnessed a substantial surge in usage among its younger audience.

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to switch your Search campaign on or off mid-flight without having to reinitiate the learning phase. And if you prefer not to use this feature altogether, you can easily deactivate it.

So What?
This new option places your product in front of users actively seeking solutions, mirroring the functionality of ads on search engines. This feature holds significant value, particularly with the holiday season just around the corner.



Every day, it seems like there’s a new social media network popping up. Each week, I’ll introduce you to one of these newcomers, just for fun. You’ve probably heard of beReal, but have you ever come across BeFake?

Similar to BeReal, here, you’ve got a brief window during the day to share your photos. The twist? Your photos get a touch of AI magic.

You can check it out on iOS here or Android here


Instagram Updates:

  • You can search for branded content (any posts with the Paid Partnership label) in Meta’s Ad Library now. [BOOKMARK THIS]
  • Creators can link unto 5 shops in their profiles [TWEET]


  • The web version of Threads is now live after Mark Zuckerberg teased it earlier in the week [BBC]

X / Twitter Updates:

  • Time to run ads on X / Twitter again. X is giving away $250 USD in ad credit when spending $1,000 USD or more on a new campaign within the next 30 days. [TWEET]
  • Elon might be removing the Block feature from X / Twitter. This has many up in arms on safety on the platform. [TECHCRUNCH]
  • Job listings on X are now available for iOS users in the US. [TWEET]

TikTok Updates:

  • TikTok is serious about its search game. This week they have announced “TikTok Search Ads” a new feature on TikTok Ads Manager that allows brands to serve ads in search results. [TIKTOK]

YouTube Updates:

  • YouTube’s new feature will identify songs just by the sound of your hum [ZDNET]

LinkedIn Updates:

  • Major updates to how Newsletters work on LinkedIn. [LINKEDIN]
  • Pages can now host more than one newsletter to focus on different niches
  • Publisher has a new look and feel for easier editing 
  • Improved discoverability with Autofollow when a user subscribes
  • LinkedIn rolls out brand partnerships tags [SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY]

Google Updates:

Reddit Updates:

  • Reddit ads new Interests to Interest targeting [REDDIT]

Marketing AI Updates:

  • Mondelez and Unilever have started using AI for their ads [THE VERGE]

Brand Watch

Aromatic Activism: Smoke-Scented Air Fresheners for Deforestation Awareness

To raise awareness about the critical need to safeguard forests, Greenpeace has introduced a distinctive product known as ‘The Scent of Consciousness.’ This car air freshener doesn’t carry the typical pine scent; instead, it captures the aroma of smoke from the devastating fires that harm our ecosystems.

So What?

Breaking it down, this campaign focuses on gathering votes for a referendum through a straightforward form. What sets it apart is its clever use of compelling storytelling and the introduction of a rather unique real-world product, an air freshener that emits the scent of burnt wood. This approach undeniably grabs attention and effectively translates it into action.