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Xeet or Tweet?

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Threads / X
🧵 Unlocking the Power of Community Engagement on Text-Based Channels
Yep, Twitter’s gone all X on us, and now Tweets are now called Xeets. But this shift isn’t just about a fresh label – it’s shaking up how brands should connect with their community. Threads have shown to be the ultimate playground for brands to experiment with their brands and go after engagement over chasing big reach numbers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the question of where to allocate your efforts often arises. The rise of various text-based social channels, such as X/Twitter and threads, has brought a new dimension to the playing field. Amidst these shifts, the prudent course of action is to consider redirecting your focus from content production to community engagement. Let’s delve into why this shift is gaining traction and how it can propel your marketing strategy forward.

Why should you Prioritize Community Engagement on Text-Based Channels?

Growth and Evolution: Text-based platforms like X/Twitter and threads are experiencing an evolution. These channels are undergoing transformative changes, paving the way for new possibilities in reaching and engaging with your target audience.

In-Depth Storytelling: Text-based platforms offer a unique opportunity for brands to tell deeper and more engaging stories. Threads, for instance, enable you to craft narratives that unfold progressively, creating a captivating storytelling experience that resonates with your audience.

Personalized Interaction: The focus on text-based engagement allows for more personalized interactions. Responding to comments, messages, and thread discussions in a conversational manner can establish a stronger bond with your community, fostering loyalty and trust.

Community Building: These platforms facilitate the formation of vibrant and interactive communities around your brand. By actively participating in discussions and threads, you can cultivate a sense of belonging and unity among your audience.

Time for a Shift: From Content Production to Community Engagement

In the midst of this digital transformation, a recalibration of marketing priorities is warranted. Instead of solely focusing on churning out content, divert your attention to fostering meaningful interactions and relationships within your community. Here’s why this shift is pivotal:

Exposure through Engagement: The heightened engagement that text-based platforms offer can lead to increased visibility. Thoughtful and engaging interactions attract attention, expand your reach, and establish your brand’s presence in a cluttered online environment. Both platforms are now prioritizing comments and replies over fresh content will little engagement.

Conversion Catalyst: Community engagement serves as a catalyst for conversions. When your audience feels valued and heard, they are more likely to trust your brand and consider your offerings. This trust can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.

The current digital landscape calls for a strategic realignment of marketing priorities. Text-based channels offer an avenue for community engagement that goes beyond conventional content production.

With declining numbers on both platforms—Thread and X/Twitter—it’s imperative to cultivate stronger connections. Regardless of your business type, a shift towards Human-to-Human (H2H) marketing is essential. Achieving this is well within reach through direct conversations with your audience on text-based social media channels.

Netflix’s Potential Plan for Mini TV Show-Format Targeted Advertising
Netflix aims to enhance ad effectiveness by implementing tighter targeting and introducing episodic advertisements. This strategic move seeks to captivate audiences with engaging content, potentially transforming ads into captivating mini-series. By tailoring ads to individual preferences and exploring episodic formats, Netflix strives to create a more interesting and immersive ad experience for viewers.

So What?

This is not the first time we’ve witnessed this. Both Facebook and YouTube have introduced similar ad formats in the past. Facebook refers to these as Sequential Ads. This advancement enables brands to delve deeper into compelling storytelling to captivate user attention. On a platform like Netflix, these ads would seamlessly integrate, evolving into genuinely engaging content.

Instagram Updates:

  • Meta will be launching an AI bot to talk to users just like Snap. [LINK]
  • Instagram updates Reel tempaltes to make it easier for brands to create more engaging content [LINK]


  • Fake followers already being sold on Threads for $100 for 2500 followers [LINK]
  • Straight from Mosseri, Threads will have limits to limit spam [THREAD]

TikTok Updates:

  • TikTok launches Ads Library allowing you tot see what your competitors are advertising on the platform. This is the most important link this week. [BOOKMARK THIS]
  • TikTok joins the game of text based social media platforms. Time to start posting those Xeets/Threads on TikTok as well [LINK]

YouTube Updates:

  • YouTube Music podcasts support starts rolling out internationally [LINK]
  • YouTube is testing AI-generated video summaries that appear on search and watch pages. The text is meant to provide a “quick overview” of a clip to help you decide if it’s worth watching. [LINK]


  • LinkedIn Reports ‘Record Engagement’ with a 25% increase in public conversations in the app year on year. If you havent been focusing on LinkedIn now is the right time to do so. [LINK]

Strange But True:

  • In a peculiar turn of events, the poster child of remote work, Zoom, is now requesting their employees to return to the office. [LINK]


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  • Meta’s First Responsible Business Practices Report Link
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  • Accenture report on how to to thrive in a cookieless world Read here
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Brand Watch

Mad About the Twitter Rebrand? WWF WWF Makes a Smart Statement

WWF shared a graphic on Twitter depicting the transformation of the Twitter logo from 2006 to 2023. The graphic contrasts the different bird symbols evolving into an X, symbolizing the decline in global biodiversity.

Accompanying the graphic is a German caption that emphasizes, “Safeguard our animal species before it becomes irreversible! Approximately 1 million genuine animal species face the risk of extinction.”

So What?

The timeless strategy of trend-jacking continues to hold its significance in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and communication. In a world where trends are constantly emerging and evolving, the art of trend-jacking offers a dynamic and effective way to capture attention, engage audiences, and align your brand or message with what’s currently capturing the collective interest.

Fun Corner:

Not sure how to pronounce X or Xeet? This creator has a fun twist that we might have missed TikTok Video