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From Tweets to the Ring: Will Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg Fight

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This week is packed with updates, so I thought of trying out a fresh format for our newsletter. As always, feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts.

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Instagram Ads on Reels Expand to Reach More Marketers
Meta is broadening its Ads on Reels program, extending from Facebook to a wider range of advertisers on Instagram while still in beta testing. This move allows image ads to seamlessly blend with Reel content, ensuring a smooth user experience without interruptions. With this expansion, marketers have the opportunity to tap into Instagram’s massive user base of 2 billion active users.

So What?

Time to explore new creative for this fresh format. While you can repurpose your Story Ads, I highly recommend taking a look at successful ads on TikTok for inspiration. Thankfully, you can conveniently browse TikTok ads by category. If you haven’t bookmarked it yet, here’s the link to the TikTok Creative Center.

TikTok goes interactive! Boost ad engagement with new add-ons.
TikTok rolls out interactive add-ons globally for in-feed ads, empowering brands to create captivating content. These add-ons, from popups to stickers and more, bring users into the experience. Choose between standard add-ons for driving clicks and conversations, or premium add-ons for elevating brand awareness and fostering community.

For instance, try the voting sticker to encourage audience participation or the pop-out showcase to spotlight products. Level up your TikTok ads with these interactive features and watch your engagement soar.

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Facebook / Instagram Updates:

  • You will soon be able to download Public Instagram Reels and share them with your friends. [LINK]
  • AI comments are going to be a thing on Instagram. The platform seems to be testing built-in AI comments as seen in this leak. Maybe dont get too excited for this just yet. We still need human interaction to make real connections with our audience.

Twitter Updates:

  • Twitter has obtained a money transfer license, indicating Elon’s progress in transforming the social media platform into the multi-purpose app he envisions. [TWEET]
  • You can now add tweets to a highlight tab on your profile. This feature makes sense as it helps your new followers see your best tweets and get a clear understanding of what your brand is all about. Check them out in action here. [TWEET]
  • Remember when tweets were limited to 140 characters? Now, with the recent update, you can include up to 25,000 characters in your long tweets. This extended limit is available exclusively to paid subscribers. [TWEET]

Microsoft Updates:

  • Putting OpenAi to good use it seems. Microsoft Unveils Predictive Targeting, AI-based advertising tool enhancing conversion rates, streamlining targeting, and offering flexible audience strategies. [LINK]

LinkedIn Updates:

  • LinkedIn unveils its latest research on AI image detection, targeting the identification of fake profiles with a remarkable 99% success rate. [LINK]

From Tweets to the Ring: Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg’s Cage Fight Showdown Takes Shape Okay. It appears that it’s actually happening. Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg will face each other in a cage fight. What began as a tweet has evolved into a genuine challenge between these billionaires. The situation became more tangible when Dana White announced that he is actively in discussions with both individuals to arrange the fight. Check out this compelling write-up on the unfolding events.

Brand Watch

Tuvalu, the Pacific Island Nation, Adapts to Rising Sea Levels as the First Digital Nation

This goes beyond just advertiing or markeitng. Tuvalu, a vulnerable Pacific nation, faced the imminent threat of submergence as global sea levels continued to rise. To preserve its rich culture, history, and sovereignty, Tuvalu embarked on a groundbreaking initiative known as the “Digital Nation” project.

The core concept behind the “Digital Nation” project was to recreate Tuvalu’s existence in the metaverse, effectively safeguarding its identity and government services even in the face of physical land disappearance. By embracing digital technologies and leveraging media engagement, Tuvalu aimed to redefine statehood under international law and assert its sovereignty on a global scale.

So What?

The campaign not only addressed the urgent need for climate change mitigation but also sparked essential conversations and stimulated public awareness.

If you are to watch one video today, make it this one. [CASE STUDY]