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Instagram Leak: A Glimpse at the AI Chatbot in the Works!

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  • 💥 Instagram Leak: A Glimpse at the AI Chatbot in the Works!
  • 🎬 TikTok Explores AI-Backed Video Script Generator
  • 🔒 Only Verified Advertisers Can Advertise on Microsoft Ads Starting August
  • UGC Triumphs Over Influencers: 86% of Users Favor Brands Embracing User-Generated Content


Instagram Leak: A Glimpse at the AI Chatbot in the Works!
Looks like Instagram might follow in the footsteps of Snap and TikTok by releasing an AI chatbot. Leaked images from app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi suggest that Instagram is potentially developing an AI chatbot. These images provide a sneak peek into ongoing app developments, showcasing AI agents capable of providing answers and advice. Please keep in mind that these developments are subject to change and may not be officially released.

Empowering Content Creators: TikTok Explores AI-Backed Video Script Generator ByteDance is experimenting with an AI-powered script generator tool for TikTok. This innovative tool generates video scripts and offers visual suggestions based on user inputs like sector, product name, and description. Users can choose their desired video style and duration. Tech expert Lindsey Gamble reveals that the tool is currently in beta and available to select users on TikTok for Business. Exciting developments to enhance content creation on TikTok!

Universal Analytics is Going Away This Month It’s now or never! Google Analytics is making GA4 mandatory, and there’s no way around it. Ensure you have it set up before July 1, 2023, as Universal Analytics will sunset, ceasing new data processing forever. Read more…

Google Business Profiles Now Display Long Form Videos
Google mobile search now displays longer videos (30+ seconds) in Business Profile listings, expanding video visibility in search results. Read more

Twitter Building Features Exclusively for Paid Users

  1. add people that don’t follow them to a group
  2. create a group with users that don’t follow them
  3. send Direct Message requests to people that don’t follow them

Read More

Meta Verified Accounts Now Available in India
Meta introduces verified accounts in India, making it easier for people, especially creators, to establish a presence and build communities on Instagram or Facebook. Read More

Only Verified Advertisers Can Advertise on Microsoft Ads Starting August
Starting August 1, 2023, all ads will be served by verified advertisers, increasing transparency and visibility. Ad Library allows users to view ads on Bing. Read more

UGC Triumphs Over Influencers: 86% of Users Favor Brands Embracing User-Generated Content
EnTribe’s April 2023 online survey reveals shifting consumer attitudes towards influencers and user-generated content (UGC). Trust in influencers is declining, while peer recommendations and brands utilizing content from real consumers are gaining prominence.

So What?

On your next campiagn maybe try working with your customers instead of well known creators with an audience.

Check out the full report here

Brand Watch

Cadbury strikes gold once again with its latest video, staying true to their winning formula of capturing the essence of human relationships, fleeting connections, and acts of kindness. The series masterfully showcases authentic human interactions, with the product seamlessly integrated into these meaningful moments.

Watch it here (60 seconds)

The videos feel genuine, devoid of any staged or salesy vibes. This success is attributed to 

  • Exceptional acting
  • well-crafted scripts
  • deep understanding of human behavior

It’s not the first time Cadbury hits the mark, as evidenced by their previous heartwarming video featuring a father’s visit to his daughter at work, evoking powerful emotions.

Rabea Tea Takes a Jab At the Apple Vision Pro
While everyone was discussing the features and future of augmented reality, a tea brand cleverly seized the opportunity to ride the wave of the trend on social media. The brand’s post humorously states, ‘You thought of everything but this!’ accompanied by an image of steam on the newly announced Apple Vision Pro. It’s been a while since a brand successfully hijacked a trend, and Rabea Tea deserves a thumbs up for this effort.